Fr Barron THE MYSTERY OF GOD DVD Box Who God Is and Why He Matters

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Atheism is on the rise. Skeptical thinkers like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris vigorously attack belief in God as irrational or, even worse, dangerous. The so-called New Atheism has attracted millions of young people thanks to bestselling books such as The God Delusion and God Is Not Great. How should Christians respond? How can we turn the tide of secularism and draw people back to God? You’ll discover how in “The Mystery of God,” a new six-part film series and study program by Fr. Robert Barron. The lessons reach into our rich intellectual tradition. Using the insights of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope Benedict XVI, you’ll uncover a clear yet sophisticated understanding of what we mean by “God”. Who is God? And why does he matter? Watch this series and you’ll not only learn the answers yourself, but you’ll discover how to share them with others – especially those who no longer believe. The DVDs provide options for Spanish dubbing and Spanish or English subtitles.


1) Atheism and what we mean by “God” – 21:04

2) The Paths to God – 20:27

3) The Divine Attributes – 23:50


1) Providence and the Problem of Evil – 28:26

2) Exploring the Trinity – 21:13

3) The God who is Love – 26:23